Her, Him, They

She set the cup down stood up straight and looked at him with desolate eyes. Her lips quivered as she created a fist, her nails digging into the skin.

He could tell she was not in her right mind by those eyes. However, he sat at the table, calmly waiting for what she might have to say or do. But she didn’t say anything for a while. Just stared at him.

So, deciding to take matters into his own hands he got up and grabbed the knife from the kitchen sink. “Would it make you feel better if I do it myself?” And he pointed the knife at his heart.

Her eyes widened and she rushed over, grabbing him by the hands. “No….no it wouldn’t! I wasn’t thinking of doing that again I swear. I was….thinking how nice it all has been and that I shouldn’t be here.”

He frowned at her. She had served her time, why was she still feeling guilt about something she couldn’t help? He knew she didn’t mean it but she couldn’t see that herself.

“Even the doctor said it wasn’t really you. As long as you take the medicine he prescribed you’ll be fine. I’m here aren’t I? You know I will always protect you. Even from yourself.”

Looking up at him she relaxed, and a light shined into her eyes now as she smiled. “Th-thank you. I don’t see how you can forgive me. What I did was wrong, so very wrong. I really….”

He grabbed her into a hug and held her, not letting go once. “I know you didn’t mean it. What you went through…what we went through didn’t help.”

At that her body let go and the tears she held back fell from her eyes. Burying her face into his broad shoulders she felt like maybe she could finally escape from the terror they suffered.


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