Autumn Interlude

Autumn leaves dance upon the wind, the chill of the north blows fiercely into the night. A full moon glowed into the darkness of the velvety black as the late hours rolled on. It was subtle but the night was truly fascinating as the cold crisp air allowed the stars to truly shine. Even though the moon outshone the millions of stars, it was the stars twinkle the was resilient.

Though autumn is a smaller season compared to Winter and Summer, it is still a season of majestic beauty. When the leaves begin to wither into their own distorted shades, they fall into a dormant state. The leaves are the representative of autumn, despite the fact that trees are a seasonal change. However the other seasons do not compare when it comes to the red and orange and brown that tumbles to the ground.

Leaves, so many of them around. However they create a magical world of Autumn colors. That even the chilly air of Autumn cannot bring anyone down when they gaze upon the colorful view It’s really a fascinating season for it encompasses both the life and death of Summer and Winter For without the Autumn interlude that we receive, it would be a sad sight to see such a vibrant world become instantly dead. It’s not that the season is so above the others, no, each seasons is able to give something the others cannot. It’s just that often times Autumn is overlooked.

Yes, autumn is one of my favorite seasons despite the allergies and the colds that come. It’s a season where one can sit and enjoy a hot up of tea without feeling too hot or cold. There are chilly days but there are warm days. Autumn is a mystifying season with conundrums to be had.


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