Her, Him, They

She set the cup down stood up straight and looked at him with desolate eyes. Her lips quivered as she created a fist, her nails digging into the skin.

He could tell she was not in her right mind by those eyes. However, he sat at the table, calmly waiting for what she might have to say or do. But she didn’t say anything for a while. Just stared at him.

So, deciding to take matters into his own hands he got up and grabbed the knife from the kitchen sink. “Would it make you feel better if I do it myself?” And he pointed the knife at his heart.

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Autumn Haikus

The brisk chilliness
Conquered by the warmth of tea
Blankets snuggle me.

Leaves fall from the tree
Creating a world of hues
Red, orange, yellow too.

Moonlight shines so bright
Casting its beams to the night
Lighting up the world.

Love under autumn
Growing like the bright moon
And shining for all.

Watching the leaves dance
In the wind that blows so cold
Swirling happily.

Autumn Interlude

Autumn leaves dance upon the wind, the chill of the north blows fiercely into the night. A full moon glowed into the darkness of the velvety black as the late hours rolled on. It was subtle but the night was truly fascinating as the cold crisp air allowed the stars to truly shine. Even though the moon outshone the millions of stars, it was the stars twinkle the was resilient.

Though autumn is a smaller season compared to Winter and Summer, it is still a season of majestic beauty. When the leaves begin to wither into their own distorted shades, they fall into a dormant state. The leaves are the representative of autumn, despite the fact that trees are a seasonal change. However the other seasons do not compare when it comes to the red and orange and brown that tumbles to the ground.

Leaves, so many of them around. However they create a magical world of Autumn colors. That even the chilly air of Autumn cannot bring anyone down when they gaze upon the colorful view It’s really a fascinating season for it encompasses both the life and death of Summer and Winter For without the Autumn interlude that we receive, it would be a sad sight to see such a vibrant world become instantly dead. It’s not that the season is so above the others, no, each seasons is able to give something the others cannot. It’s just that often times Autumn is overlooked.

Yes, autumn is one of my favorite seasons despite the allergies and the colds that come. It’s a season where one can sit and enjoy a hot up of tea without feeling too hot or cold. There are chilly days but there are warm days. Autumn is a mystifying season with conundrums to be had.


Note: Sorry for lack of posts, life’s been so busy lately!

Shadows, the remnants of the night
Disappearing at the sight of light.
No shadow could withstand the day
But certain rules otherwise say:
“The shadow may appear at once
When the light is blocked and the clouds
Gather, but only then and rarely ever
Do the shadows rarely gather.”
Fools, the shadows think as they slither
Along the floor when they do not wither,
But when the light engulfs their bodies
They disappear as the light embodies.

Reality of the Stars

Majestic are the stars in the sky
Though little as they are the shine
With a power all their own in the dark
Lighting up the world with their twinkle.

No wishes may come true as I gaze
Upon those stars that glitter across
The velvet of the endless night, but
I am content in knowing their beauty.

They are useful as they are beautiful
Creating a sensation of being more
Than just an object that suspends there
Casting their light so little but bright.

Stars, so many of them shine
Over millions of stars in the sky
But wish I may and wish I might
The stars will just always shine.

Absence 10/19/14

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I will be gone Monday and won’t be back until Tuesday due to a small trip to see family. I’ll try to work on a bunch of stuff for the blog while I’m gone. So expect a lot on Wednesday for sure. Not going to lie though but I am struggling trying to keep my muse going. But I won’t give up even when it seems bleak!

Thank you for all the support! It’s soooo appreciated!

Ocean’s Distance

The ocean’s distance
Forms along the sandy shore
With waves crashing big.

Where under the sea
Does the light disappear to?
Into the shadows.

A breeze from the south
Paradise not faraway
Warmth under my feet.

Building sandcastles
A blueprint for a new dream
Washed away by waves.

The sun burns above
A disc of orange over us
Guiding the daylight.

Being Human

Note: Didn’t know it was Blog Action Day! Good luck to those with the power to fight strong!

Fighting for what’s right
Fighting for the heart
Fighting for love
And the world that falls apart.

Fighting for the pain
Fighting for the peace
Fighting for the action
And the world that cries.

Fighting for life
Fighting for death
Fighting for freedom
Fighting for what’s best.

So many things to fight for
So many things that need someone
To try and go beyond the rest
To become the hero, to become a
human being.

Tempest Song

Majestic like the rolling storm
That thunders by in clouded form
While tears pound into the earth
Drenching the world in spiritual rebirth.

A drink for the flowers
Frightening in the dark hours
Lightning lights up the sky
Crackling like fire blazing by.

Often wind with storm howls
Thunder sound like growls
Terrifying but beautiful to see
Screaming like a banshee.

Ah, the storm rolls on
Until it’s become dawn
Where the world then calms
Like the music of Johannes Brahms.

Welcome one and all!

Welcome one and all to “A Wandering Poet”. A Personal writing blog that encompasses many forms of writing that I, Minstrel Tales, wish to explore. However, I do enjoy suggestions of different forms to try if people feel I might be suited better in another area of writing. It doesn’t hurt to try something else.

I’m also trying improve my prose because if I ever want to get a book published I need to just write as much as possible to improve. I feel that compared to my poetry, my prose is lacking. So do not be surprised if you see some awkwardness with flash fiction and short stories that pop up. However, I will admit I do have a knack for descriptive works, meaning just writing for a period of time in a descriptive manner. My writing teachers always told me I had an eye for describing things so I feel pretty good about that at least.

You might also find I might just write in dialogue. I love dialogue and in film class I enjoyed writing scripts because less having to put descriptions and dialogue together. However, I also have a problem with grammar and you’ll probably see typos because the keys of my computer are bigger than my fingers, which doesn’t work.

But I am glad you have stumbled on this blog, and I hope you enjoy your stay. I’ll try to update as much as I can. Some days I might post a lot other days none or just once a day. But My goal is to post every week.

Thank you for your support,
Minstrel Tales